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Your Neighborhood Professional

For those who may not already know him, let me introduce you to your neighbor, Robin Saunders, Owner of Chilly Air Services. Robin has been working in the residential and light commercial air conditioning industries for 34 years. There is very little that he hasn't seen or taken care of. He specializes in the repair or replacement of any brand of AC systems in the marketplace. If you need your HVAC serviced, you can depend on Robin! 512.409.1599

Your HVAC is one of 4 major systems that buyers look at when purchasing a home, and a new system can definitely affect your home's value in a positive way. If a new system is not in your budget, then Robin Saunders, with Chilly Air Services, has the following suggestions for prolonging the life of your heating and cooling system.

INDOOR AIR QUALITY (IAQ) - You may be able to add a UV Light/Air Scrubber to your

system. This kills mold and bacteria in your system and allows for a better quality of air. It can also assist with seasonal allergies.

SMART THERMOSTAT - You can upgrade your thermostat with a SMART Thermostat that you can remotely program, check, and adjust. A SMART Thermostat can also help stabilize big temperature swings, saving you money on your energy bills.

NEVER TURN OFF YOUR THERMOSTAT - You should never turn your thermostat completely off - even when leaving the home for an extended period. Depending on the season, the most extreme settings should be 60°F - 85°F.

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