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What Are Your Children Doing For School This Fall?

COVID19 has upset our lives and "normal" routines in many different ways. With another school year approaching, many parents are frustrated and confused as they look for educational programs that will meet: 1. Their children's educational requirements, 2. Their own scheduling needs, and 3. Their family's financial limitations. The following are a few ideas and resources that can assist parents in making these decisions. 1. LEANDER ISD Leander ISD has put together a program for students within the school district. While beginning with At-Home learning, they will be implementing in-person options again as the situation permits. You can learn all about their programs, plans, and updates. CLICK HERE 2. AT HOME - BUT NOT ALONE One learning option that has become increasingly popular through the pandemic is Online Learning Pods. These learning pods allow users to create their own group from friends and neighbors. This group would then be linked with an instructor and receive group online instruction while individual members of the group are still safely within their own homes. This option includes a per hour costs ranging from approximately $4-$12 per hour (depending on the size of the group). There are a number of companies that assist in forming these Online Learning Pods. You can learn more by searching Online Learning Pods, online.

3. FORMALIZED SCHOOLING AT HOME Other homeschooling options include formalized home-school instruction with programs such as K-12. This program is paid from tax dollars and provides students with an organized curriculum, equipment, and electronics that they'll need to experience personalized learning through graduation. CLICK HERE 4. SPECIALIZED EDUCATION There are also many great learning centers in the area that specialize in educating children of all ages. Each has different programs differ in price and on how they are working within the COVID19 environment. These learning centers include companies such as MATHNASIUM, SYLVAN LEARNING CENTER, and more. For a list of the top ten learning centers near Vista Oaks, CLICK HERE

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