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Tree Trimming and Arbor Care

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

A yard with beautifully trimmed trees is a beautiful sight to behold - as long as the trees are trimmed properly. I think we've all seen those hacked tree jobs before. The sad part is that an improperly trimmed tree can actually kill the tree entirely. This frightens some homeowners so much that many won't even try trimming their trees unless they can afford to hire a professional company. So do you do it yourself or hire the professionals to do it?

Professional Tree Trimmers - If your trees are large and tall, the best bet is to call a professional. Without proper trimming or safety equipment, you could really hurt yourself - or even get yourself killed. A licensed and insured tree trimming company has all of the proper equipment and completely assumes all risk (check the fine print to make sure). A company that I recommend is Monster Tree. Marcus Roach knows his trees and will take great care of you as his customer. Marcus recommends trimming Oak Trees any time after June. For general tree care, he also recommends watering your trees 3 times per week for 20-30 minutes. He points out that you shouldn't water the trunk of the tree, but the area around the tree under the tree's canopy. This way you're actually watering the roots of the tree. He can be reached at the following: Monster Tree Service 512.607.9843

Doing It Yourself - Smaller trees that can easily be reached from the ground or a small step ladder can be trimmed yourself. Marcus recommends that you disinfect your trimming tools between trees to ensure that any possible infection from one tree isn't passed to another.

To learn more about tree trimming, you can review the following complete guide to tree trimming HERE. This guide will demonstrate the following: · Why is it Important to Prune Trees? · Proper Way to Prune a Tree Limb · Tree Pruning Tips · Pruning Thick Tree Branches · Best Tools for Pruning Trees

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