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Crazy! Zany! Absolutely Amazing! According to recent findings by, nearly 400,000 fewer homes have been listed compared to last year, leaving a gaping hole in the U.S. housing inventory. As a result, home prices are accelerating at double last year’s pace while homes sell days faster than last year, on average. This is certainly the case here in Round Rock where we have a housing inventory of 1.2 months compared to the normal 6 months we’ve experienced in the past. This means that if you’ve even been thinking about selling – NOW IS THE TIME!

Currently, every home has as many as 15-20 offers! Due to extreme competition, buyers are foregoing demands and bidding wars push prices up well above the average. Recently, an offer was made for $30k more than the asking price and they still lost the bid! Incredible! While these results are not a guarantee, trends are extremely favorable to sellers at this point in time.

As I get October’s numbers, I’ll update you on what’s happening. In the meantime, if you’re even thinking about selling, you owe it to yourself to give me a call. We can discuss your options, and I can give you information specific to your home.

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