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Problematic Hardboard Siding

Are you or a friend having problems with hardboard siding? Four million homes were covered with hardboard siding in the 80s and 90s as an attractive, cost-effective alternative to hardier, more traditional building materials. Unfortunately, this hardboard, also known as pressboard or the common manufacturer’s name, Masonite, was found to be inadequate.

Masonite Siding - An engineered wood product made of wood fibers that have been compressed together, this product is no longer sold as siding for homes. This brings little comfort, however, to many homeowners who still have to deal with it.

The two most common contributors to its failure are moisture and people. Unmaintained or improperly installed hardboard of this type can lead to any number of problems that can include swelling, rotting, buckling, and mildew. Beside structural damage, this type of board can also lead to infestations. Local pest control expert, Russel Haines, of Heavenly Pest Solutions, explains that he often finds this type of siding gnawed through by animals such as squirrels and rats. It is also a favorite of termites.

What You Can Do - If the problems are minor, proper caulking, painting, and water management can keep the damage under control for a while. If there seems to be significant damage, or if you are unable to commit to frequent maintenance and repair tasks, your best option is replacement.

Tulsa Renew discusses this problem in detail. Learn more about this siding and signs to look for HERE.

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