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New Schools to Be Built in Leander ISD

Last February, in a joint meeting between Leander ISD and the Leander City Council, it was revealed that seven new elementary schools—six of them in the Leander area—could be built in the district by August 2027. This schedule is dependent on many items such as projected population growth and funding considerations. Also, no known update has been made since February, so it is hard to say if COVID-19 will have any effect on this schedule.

In the meeting, Jimmy Disler, LISD’s chief facilities and operations officer, laid out a tentative schedule and location of future elementary school construction through 2027:

· August 2021: Palmero Ridge

· August 2022: Bryson

· August 2023: Travisso

· August 2024: Glenn High School area

· August 2025: Brushy Creek (Cedar Park)

· August 2026: northeastern part of the district

· August 2027: northwestern part of the district.

Besides a middle school and elementary school scheduled to open this year, Disler said the next middle school could open in August 2024, while the next high school could come in August 2025 in the northeastern part of the district and near the Ronald Reagan Boulevard area. (see

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